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reminds me of svankmajer

Loonarwitch responds:

That's the biggest compliment you could've given me! I was very inspired by him. Thank you.

Hey xefcoolerz
stop the click shit dude or keep it to a minimum... although the jokes and musc were not bad. Seen better, seen A LOT worse. Keep it going dude

Xefcoolerz responds:

*click *click lmao wut do u mean!

thanks for da review! gonna keep going! y'know to da porno store! ( i suck at jokes xD!)

Damn mr e, short but classy, bringing up the old ideas with the refined and experienced style, friggin love it

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Great Music!

sssshhhhhh.... it's a secret

it's a pretty nice game that turns annyoing after 15 minutes. I looked around for some of the secrets and typed a lot but i just couldn't be bothered to find some more. Next time I'm going to decompile your .swf :-P
here are some secrets, just type them in while at the main screen/my nyan

- "gggghostnyan"
Nyancat turns invisible.

Nyancat goes Sam Fisher style.

You fly from right to left, also some random stuff in the game hud.

Turns Nyancat into negative matter.

Get a seizure.

Turns Nyancat into a watermelon! Yay!

Good Effort!

Amazing work, especially putting notes into 8 songs in this time was sure as hell a pain ia few things to complain about:
- on some songs you can hit multiple notes with one keystroke
- there could be some visual effect to emphasize the fact that a note has been hit (and furthermore it could indicate how well)

Let's see if your soundtrack can keep up with team whippedcream's, I'm sure Schleif dropped another bomb!

MonoFlauta responds:

thanks, glad you like it and yes it was a pain lol hahah and about the things to complain:
-on some songs you can hit multiple notes with one keystroke
In all of them you can, and its because "you will gain more points if the note is more centered than down than if you keep pressing the arrow keys all the time"
and about the visual effect, yes we totally forgot, good idea :)
Thanks for reviewing!

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How can you say this is not a comeback when you came back and delivered a satisfying, monstrous yet chill track?

war-spawn responds:

idk man, i'm just doing things and stuff

This is a track to B E G I N (again) on progressing your projects, plans, dreams. Thanks WS!

You cured

my erectile dysfunction.

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what a cutie


I see potential but unfortunately the animation is very short and does neither contain a loop or story :-/

RishabhGiri responds:

Yeah i did not uploaded it properly sorry

Photoshop will even make your girlfriend look good.

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